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Public Health in North Carolina: Past and Future

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 Administrative, Local and Community Support

The Administrative, Local, and Community Support (ALCS) section of the Division of Public Health (DPH) provides both direct and indirect services to the public and local health agencies. Much of our work focuses on providing support which allows the business of public health to operate as seamlessly as possible, so that the Division may better serve the public. More about ALCS, Service Unit Contacts, General Contacts

 Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

The NC Division of Public Health's Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Program, along with local health departments and other community partners, works to reduce death and disabilities through education, policy change and various services. Our goal is to help all North Carolinians develop healthy and safe communities and health systems to prevent and control chronic diseases and to eliminate health inequities. Chronic Disease and Injury Website, Contacts

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 Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Section of the Division of Public Health safeguards life, promotes human health and protects the environment through the practice of modern environmental health science, the use of technology, rules, public education and above all, dedication to the public trust. Environmental Health Section Website, Contacts


Epidemiology is the branch of public health that works to understand the causes and effects of disease in communities. We look for ways to prevent or control those diseases and their negative effects on people and society. Epidemiologists study the factors and relationships that determine the presence, numbers, trends and distribution of diseases in communities and certain populations. Epidemiology Section Website, Contacts

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 Human Resources

The DPH Human Resources Section supports the 2,000 DPH employees throughout North Carolina with benefits, classification and compensation, employee relations, hiring, safety and health, and staff development and training. DPH Human Resources Website

 Minority Health and Health Disparities

The Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities works throughout Public Health to bridge the health status gap between racial/ethnic minorities and the general population, and advocates for policies and programs that improve access to public health services for underserved populations. Minority Health and Health Disparities Website, Contacts

 Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

The North Carolina Medical Examiner System is a network of medical doctors and allied health professionals throughout North Carolina who voluntarily devote their time, energy, and medical expertise to see that deaths of a suspicious, unusual or unnatural nature are adequately investigated. The OCME investigates all deaths in North Carolina due to injury or violence, as well as natural deaths that are suspicious, unusual, or unattended by a medical professional. OCME Website, Contacts

 Oral Health

The Oral Health Section (OHS) is the only statewide dental program, either public or private, that provides prevention and education services on dental health specifically for children. Prevention is the key to improved oral health. Too many citizens, and children in particular, experience preventable dental disease. Oral Health Website, Contacts

 State Center for Health Statistics

The State Center for Health Statistics (SCHS) is responsible for data collection, health-related research, production of reports, and maintenance of a comprehensive collection of health statistics. We provide high quality health information for better informed decisions and effective health policies. The goal is to improve the health of all North Carolinians and their communities. State Center for Health Statistics Website, Contacts

 State Laboratory for Public Health

The State Laboratory of Public Health provides certain medical and environmental laboratory services (testing, consultation and training) to public and private health provider organizations responsible for the promotion, protection and assurance of the health of North Carolina citizens. State Lab Website, Contacts

 Vital Records

The North Carolina Vital Records Unit is responsible for registering all births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and divorces which occur in North Carolina. Vital Records Website, Contacts

 Women’s and Children’s Health

The mission of the Women's and Children's Health Section (WCH) is to assure, promote and protect the health and development of families with emphasis on women, infants, children and youth. WCH programs place a major emphasis on the provision of preventive health services beginning in the pre-pregnancy period and extending throughout childhood.

Last Modified: 10-15-2021